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The Hunting

Currituck is steeped in history tied to hunting. A haven for waterfowl, hunters have long used the marshlands in the Currituck Sound to pursue duck, swan, and geese. The Waterfield Place is a part of that history, and we invite hunters of all backgrounds to enjoy a hunting lodge with all the amenities.

Waterfowl Hunting

Waterfield Place is located on the Caratoke Highway connecting mainland Currituck County to the Outer Banks. Originally a family home, the house and property provide hunters and their families a convenient and very comfortable place to stay while providing access to prime hunting and fishing spots. The space, privacy, and amenities available at Waterfield Place combine the thrill of hunting with the experience of a memorable family getaway.

Guide Services

If you’re interested in waterfowl hunting, our guides provide the best service in the area, whether it’s duck, goose or swan hunting, stationary bush or point blinds, or float blinds. If you need a guide, we can make it happen for you. Let us know how we can be of service.

Lodging Services

Already have a trip planned with a guide? Waterfield Place can provide you with a great place to stay that’s centrally located to the majority of the guide services in the area. Guides can pick you up at the Home in the morning, or we can arrange transportation to meet them. Come back to the Home for a comfortable and relaxing evening enjoying our bar & club area and outdoor grill. Enjoy the pond area with its fountain or enjoy a campfire. We can even have delicious meals brought in to you for an extra charge. Contact us and let us know how we can serve you best.

A Hunter's History

The Waterfield Place in Currituck Hunting Tradition

The Home & Property were originally owned by Herbert Lee Waterfield. An avid duck hunter and fisherman, Herbert Lee was well-known for his generosity and larger-than-life presence. He was never afraid to improve upon what he had: he reclaimed two of the three acres of open land on the Waterfield grounds, and left the remaining swamp and marshland for wildlife habitat. His idea to turn the garage to a picnic area led to many years of cookouts and happy memories for his family.

The house has now passed to a new generation, and we keep Herbert Lee’s memories and ideals in mind with Waterfield Place. Much of the hunting paraphernalia in the Home belonged to Herbert Lee, and if you ask around you’ll find many locals still remember him. We live up to the ideal of always improving, so we strive to make Waterfield Place the most efficient, most comfortable hunting lodge in the area.

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